Nude in Paris - Sexual Fantasies

3 Nude in Paris - Sexual Fantasies

Paris. The city of love. Breakfast on a tiny balcony with a view over the river. And a woman, who discovers and lives her joy of presenting herself to others. Out and about in Paris at night it’s easy to find many more opportunities for erotic escapades. Music and dancing invites you to feel free and uninhibited.

»Yea, that’s great! I really like it sexy.« 5 Stars


136 Interstellar - Public Sex

Interstellar - Public Sex

The female project manager of the space project ‘Interstellar’ warmly welcomes the journalists and leads them to a conference room to answer their questions.

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denuded – naked


In the movement she pushed the dress aside, it fell down over her shoulder and bared her breasts and her whole body very suddenly. Her nipples were dark and hard from her obvious effort and excitation. Then she brought my hand to the newly exposed full breast. I felt its perfect silkiness. As my hand slid over the nipple and came to rest on it she went into shock and, touch and knowledge made her jump.


133 the Briefing

The Briefing

The director explains »You two will have some intimate scenes together and we should clear up a few things in advance.«

»What do we need to clarify?« Maggie grinned meaningfully.

»For example, where your limits are. Maggie…«

»Exactly, your limits. Where can I touch you?« the actor wants to know. »The script just says… here: both are naked, petting, then violent sex.«

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120 Sexy Witch - Shamless Stories

120 Sexy Witch - Shamless Stories

»I’ll introduce you to my mother« said Julia bluntly while pulling Jan’s sleeve through the French doors that led them into Julia’s family’s house. Julia wore only a thin dress with very thin straps as it was midsummer. She had removed her flip-flops on the porch so she went in barefoot. Jan followed her a little doubtfully as he came into the house for the first time and felt awoke to its greatness and energy. Despite the fact he would start to study at University soon, where he had come across Julia, he remained insecure.

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107 Nude Coeds - Coming of Age Stories

Readers' Reviews

It was again one of those routine afternoons. The homework had been done together quickly and now they sat around, hugging, Emil, Jannik and the four girls, the upright Jule, the chaste Christina, the quiet Anni and of course Michaela, in the house of their parents where they had gathered as usual because of the generous space.

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4 Sex Party

Sex Party

»It’s so nice to be with you again« Michaela called to me. I wiped my sooty hands on a cloth and came to meet her. She was beaming like an angel. Then she abruptly picked up her shirt and pulled it over her head; she shook her hair out of her face and dropped the shirt carelessly on the lawn. She was completely naked underneath and her beautiful breasts were wet with sweat in the evening sun. Her nipples were big and hard.

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