150 Telephone Sex

Telephone Sex

The phone rings and Miranda takes off…

»Hi Mira!« Tess whispered in the other end of the phone »how… ah… how are… ah… you?«

»Hi Tess. You… you sound so funny, is everything ok?«

»Yea… ah… all… - wait -… all…«

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135 Wedding Planner - Adult Confessions

Wedding Planner - Adult Confessions

They were sitting together in the office of the wedding planner comfortably on a soft and low leather sofa.

»We’ll get married soon.« The bride grinned, grabbed her groom’s hand and pressed it.

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119 Adult Dating - Nudist Stories

Adult Dating - Nudist Stories

»Of course it is important that we have some nice pictures of you. Do you have any?« the friendly gentleman who worked for the matchmaking agency asked.

»Oh… Yes, of course. I brought pictures of myself.« she fumbled in her purse, finally took out some photos and handed them to him.

He flipped through the photos for a first impression and froze. »But you are… naked in all the photos.«

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